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Rebound Pilates is the only studio to offer an intimate class setting, 4 clients in each class, which lets the instructor focus on You meeting your goals and Having Fun!  Rebound Pilates is the only Pilates Studio in the San Fernando Valley to offer the bellicon Rebounder and the Pilates Reformer together.

bellicon is the world’s highest quality mini-trampoline. Each class is 55 minutes and consists of balance training, coordination training, and circuit training alternating between strength and cardio.  The ultra-elastic bungees are low-impact, meaning you won’t feel the aftermath of what running on a treadmill would do to your joints once you’ve completed your work out. Driven by great music, you will burn tons of calories, build up your endurance, tone your entire body AND you’ll have fun every minute.


I have been in love with pilates for the past 15 years and have been lucky enough to be teaching for 12 of those years.  I was classically trained in Pilates, the way Joseph Pilates, the Founder of Pilates, meant for it to be practiced.  My experience with working with all kinds of teachers and masters has progressed my program in other areas of fitness as well, such as Yoga, Bootcamp and Myofascial Therapy.  My goal is to show you that we all can benefit from every movement exercise has to offer!



Get your heart rate up and burn calories the right way. Be easy on your joints and build muscle on our state of the art bellicon® Rebounders.  Rebound Pilates in Van Nuys is the only studio to use these state of the art Rebounders in the San Fernando Valley. Each bounce on a bellicon®, you go from experiencing weightlessness to as much as three times normal g-force. Your muscles respond to this by alternately flexing and relaxing, strengthening and toning them naturally and efficiently. And since all 638 of your muscles are in on the action, no corner of your body is left out on the healthy, revitalizing effects.


Time to focus on toning your abs and arms on our Peak Pilates Reformers, using muscles you never thought you had, you will reform your shape and look lean and strong. Pilates emphasizes the precision of each movement rather than strength and endurance. The precision with which Pilates is practiced — proper placement of the body, focus on a central body point and accurate breathing rhythm — leads to improved posture within 20 sessions.

Rebound Pilates

7900 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, California 91406, United States

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